List of All Nat Kesirins Web Appearances

June 13th, 2010

Here is a list of all the sites I know she has appeared on. I left in my link code so I could maybe get a sales commission for advertising the sites, so if you sign up please use my links to support my sites here. Thanks!

  • The Black Alley – this is sort of the new site of Asian4you with all new content and all the old A4y stuff too. Her newest nude stuff can be found here under the name Natalie Chai.
  • Thai Cuties – Thai Cuties was one of the very few Thai girls websites that never featured Natt Chanapa, until recently. Now they have the newest stuff from her since she came out of retirement!
  • 88Square – They have 6 great photo sets of her, probably at her thinnest. Super sexy skinny waist and those ohh so impossibly real big breasts. 88Squuare also has available the best quality video of her infamous Pattaya hotel porn shoot. Also have a masturbation video of her which is pretty hot.
  • iThaiSex – iThaiSex is a lesser known Thai site with a tonne of content of Thai girls from old and newer. They haven’t updated new stuff in a while but their old stuff is great and their Natt Chanapa stuff isn’t bad either. I recall them having the Pattaya hotel video but the resolution is poor and it was split up into clips. Go with 88Square if you want to download this video.
  • Asian4you – lots of stuff here, they are no more a website but are now a part of The Black Alley and include all the old content there with a membership. Two memberships for one price!
  • more to come…

More Nat Kesirin Fan Sites

May 28th, 2010

In my surfing for more information about Nat Kesirin I have come across a few other websites with information about her, here is a list of some of my favourites…

  • Natt Chanapa – ABD has perhaps the best source of information and largest collection of image galleries
  • Natt Chanapa – probably the most famous site for her
  • Nong Natt Chanapa – this one is older, i remember it from when I first learned of her
  • Natt Chanapa – this one was good once, I spoke with the website owner by email and he said he had plans to revamp it soon so i thought I would include it here.
  • Uncle Wang’s Natt Chanapa
  • – and respect due to Uncle Wang who I remember was the first website I ever saw her on!

Nat Kesirin Aliases

May 19th, 2010

Nat goes by many names, mostly due to transliteration from Thai to the roman alphabet by various photographers and promoters. I thought I would make a list here of the ones I am aware of.

  • Nat Kesirin
  • Natt Chanapa
  • Natalia
  • Nong Natt
  • Nong Nat
  • Natalie Chai

If I’ve missed any post them in the comments section and I’ll keep this post updated, thanks!

Much To Come

May 14th, 2010

Welcome to the newest Nat Kesirin fan site on the internet! I hope to bring you much sexy from this goddess of a woman incuding her video and picture appearances from the famous websites like 88Square and Asian4you and new stuff from Thai Cuties too, to name but a few. Bookmark.